Nevada Department of Transportation Stormwater Data Management System
Note: This web portal is a draft version of a work in progress. It will be updated and refined with improved functionality based on feedback from users and the NDOT Stormwater Project Evaluation Group.
About the NDOT Stormwater DMS
The NDOT Stormwater Division has implemented this project to improve monitoring capabilities and to explore the methods and the benefits of making continuous water quality data available in near real-time to agency personnel and public stakeholders.
Urban and highway areas are a source of increased stormwater runoff and pollutant loading to aquatic systems and riparian areas. It is the objective of state resource management agencies and NDOT to improve the management of pollutant sources to reduce impacts on downstream aquatic resources. Access to timely data can enhance decision-making as well as inform the public on resource conditions.
Meteorological conditions, water quality measurements, and stream discharge are examples of data that the public may find of interest. Access to site monitoring information, such as precipitation and turbidity, allows NDOT to remotely operate equipment, verify sensor condition, and perform data quality checks, which improves efficiency and allows operation of more monitoring stations.
NDOT Stormwater Monitoring Sites
Several NDOT stormwater monitoring sites have been equipped with telemetry to provide remote access to data. This includes monitoring locations in the Lake Tahoe Basin, on Clear Creek near Carson City, and on the Las Vegas Wash.
The map shows where these stations are located and real-time data can viewed and downloaded on the graph page.